Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello I thought you should see some of the bits that make the van go. The photos below show the traction motor and 2:1 chain reduction gear. The motor bearing and the speed controller.

The weather lately has been very cold and it has had a negative effect on range, so much so that a couple of weeks ago the battery went completely flat on the journey home and I had to pull over for three minutes to let the batteries recover before limping the last mile home at about 5 MPH.
The solution I have discovered is to recharge the batteries every day even if the van is not used.

Every morning before setting off I suck out the Hydrogen gas with a Hoover to prevent the gas evolved during charging from igniting from sparks while traveling.

There is an ominous thud now after heavy breaking when the van comes to rest. I hope its not the motor getting loose on its mountings. The mountings get a real hammering because the motor is used for breaking and acceleration. 13-12-2005

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